Autosofted Announcements

Autosofted EasyEyes is released! Reduce your eyestrain and sleep easier at night!

August 13, 2019

After over four years, we have finally released a new tool. This one should be used by virtually everyone who owns a PC. This tool reduces the brightness and blue-light emission from your monitor. The reduction occurs gradually throughout the day.

At late night, you won't have to be staring at a bright and blinding screen. The EasyEyes tool would have adjusted your screen to have a lower and cooler type brightness. The temperature would also get reduced. Temperature determines how much blue light your screen emits. Blue light is what your eyes need to see less of when you are trying to sleep.

This tool is free to download and should be used by everyone!

Even more additional features added to our programs!

May 5, 2017

Thanks to everyone for all your feedback. Over the past year, we have been fixing a few remaining bugs and also incorporating features that have been requested several times.

I'm happy to say that our most popular programs, the Auto Mouse Clicker and Auto Keyboard Presser are now at a version where they are bug-free and features-loaded. What are the new added features you ask? Our Auto Mouse Clicker now can record and playback right-clicks! Our Auto Keyboard Presser can now allow you to load and save your scripts without having to record first.

On another note, we now have twice as many visitors as we did back in December 2016. Our popularity is skyrocketing!